If the rapist uses superpowers for his or her deeds

The Serial Rapist is usually male and his victims are usually female, but there are exceptions. Male/female, female/male, male/male, and female/female violence are all possible, particularly given the existence of the Depraved Homosexual and Depraved Bisexual tropes. Adult/child and adult/teen predation is also common, and given our fears of paedophiles and ephebophiles, serial rapists of this nature are considered especially vile. Might overlap with Serial Killer if he/she kills their victims after the fact. Given the generally squicky nature of the topic, Serial Rapists feature less frequently in police shows than Serial Killers, but they are still a relatively common occurence, and will usually evoke revulsion and disgust from the rest of the cast including other villains. If the rapist uses superpowers for his or her deeds, see also Power Perversion Potential.

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Replica Handbags Wanda fell in love with and married The Vision, the Avengers’ Ridiculously Human Robot, and even had children. Eventually, the marriage fell apart when the Vision was dismantled, lost all of his emotion http://ufp-bdm.com/?p=12358, and the children were discovered to be unreal. Wanda had used her powers to conceive with the android, and give birth to twin sons, only to later find out that she had drawn on the demon Mephisto’s magic, who proceeded to erase their existence. The time traveling villain Immortus claimed he had set up all these events, including her marriage to Vision, with the goal of driving Wanda insane, since she was the “living anchor of reality” of her universe. He intended to use her to reshape reality to his will, but the Avengers stopped him. Agatha Harkness then suppressed her memory of her children, and it seemed she could move on Replica Handbags.

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