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Buying Lightning Cables for the First Time: What to Know

by Oswaldo

Tech companies are now making some of the highly-constructed devices on the market today, and a good example is the lengthy lightning cable that you buy separately for your Apple devices. Since most cables that come with your device will wear out and need replacements at some point, getting a new lightning cable might sound as easy as going to an electronics store and picking one up. After all, you only need something to charge your device, right? Contrary to popular opinion, not all lightning cables are created equal, and each holds specific tasks. There are factors to consider when buying custom lightning cables from credible stores such as Ugreen.com.

What to know when buying lightning cables

Not all the cables packaged in the box when you buy an Apple phone are of the best quality. Thus, when getting a custom lightning cable, you’d want to settle on a cable that will last longer than what you had. If this is your first time buying a lightning cable, here are some valuable tips that will help you get the best line for your device.

Confirm the certification

The most important tip to consider when searching for a lightning cable online is that it should be MFI certified. Whenever you purchase a cable without this certification, you significantly increase the chances of your device getting damaged. Additionally, such cables don’t charge your device correctly, resulting in a degraded battery. A certified lightning cable will ensure that your device functions at optimum conditions. Don’t take a chance when many certified cables are waiting for you at our store.

Custom-made for your needs

While most are looking to replace their worn-out cables, some want different cables for various needs. Before you click the “add to cart” button, it’s essential to know what purpose your new cable will serve. For instance, if you’re into playing games while charging your phone, the 90-degree USB-C to lightning cable might be best suited for you. Make sure you get the cable that best caters to your needs. You will get satisfaction and value for your money.


Another factor to consider is the durability of the lightning cable. Many cables might share various similarities, but some are made out of cheap materials that wear out after a short time. When looking for a cable, go for those from trusted manufacturers of high-quality materials.

Charging capabilities

The first obligation of any lightning cable is to charge your device. Therefore, getting a cable that facilitates faster-charging speeds is vital. For instance, the MFI USB-C to lightning charging cable can charge any phone up to 50% in thirty minutes, unlike the stock cable that only does 20% simultaneously.


Your smart device did not come cheap; thus, every effort should be made to keep them working correctly. This includes replacing worn-out lightning cables with high-quality and approved cables. If you’re looking for a new lightning cable for your gadget, don’t hesitate to search Ugreen website and browse through the many high-quality lightning cables in stock.

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