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One of the most important furniture in the home is the dining table. Choosing the right dining table set for your home can be daunting, especially when there are many good option types to choose from. If you choose to settle for a marble dining table set, you’ll have to ensure it fits right into your space.

In this article, we will introduce different types of dining tables and factors to consider before choosing a dining set.

Dining table material

There are three major types of dining table material. All other variants are derived from either one or a combination of these three.

Wooden dining table

Wooden dining tables are the first type of dining table. They are popular and have survived this long because of their sturdy nature and durability. They are usually made from high-quality wood like teak, oak, maple, and walnut. Other engineered wood types like MDF and ply may be strong as well but they are not as durable as natural wood types.

Glass dining table

Glass dining tables are a more recent type of dining set. These dining table sets go well with any type of interior décor. A stronger type of glass used in making dinner tables is tempered glass. It retains the transparency and beauty of standard glass, but has greater durability. Tempered glass can handle more hits and is resistant to scratches and heat. Glass dining tables come in different colors and designs. They can be used in combination with other construction materials.

Marble dining table

Marbles are the new crave for dining table design material. Marble has been used for centuries, but they only recently became popular as dining tables. They give an exotic design appearance to the room. Although they’re more expensive than glass, they are far more durable. They are sturdy and have heavier weight that makes them solid on the floor.

Factors to consider before choosing a dining set

How often would the dining be relocated?

A heavier dining table set is better if you do not intend to relocate the table often. A sturdier construction material can be fixed and you wouldn’t have to bother moving the table. If you need to move the table around, then you’re better off choosing a dining table made of plastic. They may not be as heavy as the major types, but they can serve as good dining table options.

The shape of the dining table set

Dining table sets come in different shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are oval, rectangular, circular, etc. The shape of the room where the dining table set will be placed will also play an important part in the shape you choose.

Price of the dining table set

The material used in designing the dining table would also determine the final price of the dining set. Marble dining table sets would be more expensive than a dining table made from plastic or engineered wood like MDF and ply.


Dining table sets are the major furniture in a dining room or hall. The size and shape varies to the size of the room. Dining table sets are also made from different materials with wood being the oldest material used. Natural wood like oak and marble tables are more sturdier than glass material. If the table set would not be moved about frequently, then the heavier weight types are ideal.

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