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What’s The Difference Between PP And PET Strapping?

by Oswaldo

If you have ever ordered an item from a relatively distant place, you must remember the packing in which you received it. The packaging industry has evolved much, and now, they use different packaging styles for different sizes and materials of shipments. For instance, smaller packages are packaged in cardboard or plastic bags while larger packages are shipped on pallets with strapping material and stretch wraps used on them.

Back then, there was no alternative to steel strapping. But now, times have changed. We now have more robust, economical, and lightweight strapping options available. Among the most used and recommended strapping types today are Polypropylene (pp strapping) and polyester (PET strapping). But which one is better among both? And how do you choose that? This article will look at the critical differences between the two types of strapping and help you pick the better option.

What Is PET Strapping?

PET strapping, or polyester strapping, is the most robust material ever introduced by the plastic strapping industry. Polypropylene strapping is in no way near it. Their strength and ability to take loads for more extended periods of time could be understood from the fact that they have the highest initial tension, which means that their strength does not get compromised very quickly.

What is PP strapping?

PP strapping, also known as Polypropylene strapping, is one of the most lightweight strapping materials introduced. Its full use is bundling items for shipping and fixing loads to pallets. Due to its lightweight and polymer variations, PP strapping is also regarded as the most economical type of available strapping today.

Difference Between PP Strapping and PET Strapping

The critical difference between Polyester strapping and Polypropylene strapping could be better understood by looking at the following properties of either o them:

• Composition

While the main ingredient while making PP strapping tape is Polypropylene, the main component of PET strapping tape is a polyester resin.

• Usage

Since both of these strapping tapes express different strength and durability levels, their uses are decided accordingly.

PP strapping is more suitable n packing light objects such as carton packing. At the same time, PET packing is appropriate and is more common in large-scale, heavy, and long-distance material packaging and transportation. Objects like glass, steel, bricks, stone, etc., are transported after packing in PET strapping.

• Strength

Two factors estimate the strength of strapping material; bending performance and impact resistance. Looking at the mentioned strength factors, PET strapping is more robust and long-lasting compared to PP strapping.


Strapping material is one of the essential considerations when deciding on your packaging methods. PP and PET strapping are the trendiest strapping tape materials today, and many are confused about choosing between them. We have broken it all down for you. While polypropylene strapping is made of lighter material, it is a cost-effective and lightweight solution. Whereas, Polyester strapping has its votes for added strength and durability. But if we have to choose one, we will go with the PET as it has a broader range of applications as compared to PP strapping.

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