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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Fake Eyelashes

by Oswaldo

False eyelashes can make your eyes look great. From individual lashes to full-on falsies, is there any other better way to look more gorgeous? The problem with lashes is that they are difficult to apply and even taking them off. Although you can go for eyelash extensions, you can opt for fake wholesale eyelashes as they are a temporary solution for special occasions. These are tips to help you get the right eyelashes.

Consider Your Natural Lashes

You should note that eyelashes are not made equal. Therefore, the most challenging part is to get eyelashes that are appropriate for you. Sometimes you might be tempted to go for longer lashes because you have shorter ones. If that is the case, you should avoid going for ultralong eyelashes. Also, if your eyelashes are sparser and longer, you should not fill them with thicker, shorter styles. Ensure you enhance your eyelashes with a style that complements what you have naturally.

Check the Edge

Since the lash cycle has mixed lengths, your styles should come with a uniform, blunt edge. This is because they give the impression that your lashes are of the same length. You will find these styles to be suitable for a retro or fashion-forward, but not good for all occasions.

Be Clear

Many false eyelashes have a black band that appears like a line of eyeliner. Unfortunately, these can have mismatches in alignment and reveal imperfections. As a beginner, you should opt for eyelashes with a clear band. This is because they can easily camouflage flaws and mistakes in the application. For instance, fuller lashes are ideal for daytime casual.

Right Glue

Before you choose the glue for eyelashes, you should check whether you are allergic to latex. This is because most of the eyelash glues available contain this ingredient. If you are sensitive, you should go for latex-free formulas.

Your Shape

There is a need to consider your shape when selecting fake eyelashes. For instance, if you have small eyes, you should get thicker lashes as they add length and lift. Also, for eyes with a wide set or do not have a crease, ensure you concentrate the lashes to the center of your eye. You should note that lashes define the eye shape and with fake lashes, you are in control.

Wearing Them

Remember that you cannot get it correct the first time. Start by squeezing a drop of the glue and dab it to the lash. Once the lashes get tacky, you should lay the strip on the outer edge.


When you are a beginner, buying and wearing fake eyelashes can be quite challenging. You can opt to consult an expert to help you choose the right type of eyelash. Ensure you consider your shape, style, and what you want to achieve with them. Additionally, you should compare different brands of eyelashes available on the market. Ensure you consider prices and remember quality eyelashes are quite expensive. When you take all these factors into consideration, you can get your perfect eyelashes.

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