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Aivituvin: Best Small Cat House

by Oswaldo

Pet lovers might often be confused about where to keep your pet at home. Some may prefer to sleep with them, while many give their pets their own beds. Sleeping together may seem like a great way to cuddle with your pet, and shower it with love, it might also come with potential health issues, for both yourself and your pet. Only giving your pet a bed might not be enough, and they often end up littering the whole house. This is especially true for cats. So, the best decision would be to buy your lovely cat its own small outdoor cat house.

Cat houses at Aivituvin are a great choice for your cat. Besides, they also have a wide collection of chicken coops, rabbit hutches and turtle habitats to name a few. Let us take a look at some of the best cat houses at Aivituven.

Best Small Cat House From Aivituvin

These are the best cat houses you can get at Aivituvin.

1. AIR 12-B

The Aivituvin-AIR12-B Outdoor Wooden Cat House is a really great choice for your cat. If you have one cat, this is the perfect choice for you. It is quite spacious, and great for sheltering community cats as well as feral cats, especially during the cold winter months. The waterproof paint and asphalt roof is suitable for every weather condition.

2. AIR 40

Aivituvin-AIR40 with opening roof really makes your cat comfortable and secure. The swinging front door and the transparent slats acts as insulator in the cold. The Plexiglass window allows the perfect amount of sunlight to enter the cat house. The doors can be easily accessed, and are great for your feline furries to come and go as they wish!

3. AIR 37

If you are a cat parent to several cats, or have your own pet store, the Aivituvin-AIR37 Cat Enclosure may be a great choice for you. It is easy to assemble and is an excellent way to make indoor cats experience the outdoors. The large cat enclosure attached to this is great for climbing, jumping, playing around and relaxing.

Experienced Manufacturers

The main reason why you should choose to buy your cat house from Avituvin is because of their experience and expertise in manufacturing houses and homes for pets. It is very important to get a cat house from knowledgeable and seasoned manufacturers. They know best how to keep your pet safe and make them feel comfortable in their own houses.

Manitain Your Cat House

You should maintain your cat house for a variety of reasons. Cats are really afraid of water, and it might not be possible to give them a bath every day. So, your cat house must be made in a manner, such that it can be cleaned regularly, to keep your cats in a safe, sanitized and hygienic environment.

Can Showcase Cats For Sale

Whether you are a pet store manager, or a cat lover, cat houses are great for either of the situations. Bigger cat houses are a great place to keep cats, and show their playful nature to potential buyers. Clean and comfortable cat houses are a great way to attract cat lovers who wish to get a pet for themselves.


It seems evident now that you should get a cat house for your pet cat. Aivituvin has a great range of cat houses, and they are perfect for every household cat. Whether you have many cats, or just one, you can find the perfect cat house at Aivituvin!

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