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Simple Guide to Geodesic Dome Houses

by Oswaldo

Most people look at geodesic dome houses and wonder how people can live in them. Geodesic dome houses are actually practical when you think about them. They are way more affordable than regular houses and they are the only houses that are disaster-proof. These houses can withstand strong winds, hurricanes, and even tree falls. Nowadays you can get a geodesic dome for sale in a matter of minutes. However, you need to consider all factors before buying such a house

Should I Buy a Geodesic Dome House?

Despite their round shape, dome houses have many advantages. First, they are energy-efficient and durable and they have plenty of natural light. Don’t let the round shape of the house limit your imagination. Geodesic dome houses can be built as glamping camping-style tents or even as multi-story family homes.

The major disadvantage with dome houses is that there is no privacy due to echoing. It is also hard to arrange furniture and other household items due to the curvature of the walls. There is a common misconception that dome houses leak. This is only true when it is not done right.

How much does a geodesic dome house cost?

The cost of dome houses, just like all other houses, varies. Dome houses are usually available in prefabricated shells. Most dome house constructors will quote a $65 per square foot cost for a shell and floor-only dome house. For a finished dome house, the cost could be around $130 per square foot.

DIY builders could build small monolithic dome houses for less than $10,000. If you decide to build your own geodesic dome house, there are three factors that will increase the building cost. These are whether you’re building a basement, and the type of kitchen and bathroom you will build.

If you plan to add lower levels to your dome house then expect higher costs. This is because you will have to add lighting, insulation, and air ventilation systems to these lower levels. For any building project, the kitchen and bathroom will usually be the most expensive to install. If your dome house is off-grid then you’re likely to not want indoor plumbing. This will save you quite a bit of money.

Geodesic dome houses can be in three shapes: an icosahedron dome (based on a pentagon shape), an octahedron dome (based off a pyramid shape), and a tetrahedron dome (based on a triangular shape). The icosahedron dome is the most rounded type of dome house and the strongest while the tetrahedron dome is the least round and least strong dome house.

Geodesic dome houses are the houses of the future. Their futuristic design and energy efficiency will play a key part in promoting them all over the world especially as we continue to battle climate change. Geodesic dome houses offer the advantages of construction affordability, energy efficiency, and ample lighting. If you believe you’re a trendsetter then buy a dome house and experience something out of this world.

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