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How to Fix Connection Problems on Your Sylvania Smart Bulb

by Oswaldo

A Sylvania light bulb is a smart bulb that you can connect to the internet. The bulb uses a wireless connection, giving you the ability to control it remotely. Like every gadget that uses technology, you may experience some problems while using it. There may be some setbacks in transmitting wireless signals to and from the bulb when using the smart light. Are you experiencing some difficulties connecting the sylvania smart light bulbs? Don’t panic, because you can fix it without going through too much trouble. But first, how do you identify where the problem lies?

Troubleshooting Tips to Help You Identify the Connection Problem

The following are useful tips to guide you when troubleshooting the WiFi connection hitch:

Switch on the Bulb

This may seem pretty obvious, but sometimes you can forget to turn on the bulb. Therefore, the first troubleshooting step is to check whether your Sylvania smart bulb has received power. To do this, confirm whether you have turned on the wall control of your smart bulb.

Check Your WiFi Network Band

If you have turned on the power to the bulb and still face connection issues, it is time to check if your WiFi is the root cause of the problem. You must confirm whether your WiFi router is broadcasting the network based on the right band, usually 2.4 GHz. Checking the band settings is important because Sylvania smart bulbs normally don’t support a 5GHz network bandwidth. Therefore, running the router under such a band will have you face difficulties connecting the bulb to the WiFi network. If this isn’t the problem, you should follow this next step.

Restart Your Internet Router

You need a strong WiFi signal to connect to the smart bulb. If you are struggling with network challenges, you may try restarting the WiFi router. Also, check if the signal is strong enough, and you can move it closer to the bulb to see if it may connect. Moving the router from its current location may become a challenge if other gadgets are connected. However, you can invest in a WiFi extender so that the signals may be strong enough wherever you want them to be.

If the problem isn’t the location of the router, then you may rule that your internet connection is unstable. A good way to check if your internet connection is stable enough is to connect it to your phone and try visiting websites. If they don’t load fast enough or load at all, you have your answer. Contact your internet service provider and ask them to solve this issue so that you can go back to using your smart bulb.

Confirm if You Are Using the Right WiFi Password

You can’t authorize any connection over WiFi if you don’t have the password or enter an incorrect one. Ensure that no one has changed the WiFi password in your home and also double-check to make sure you have entered the correct one. This eliminates the chances of experiencing connection failure to your Sylvania smart bulb.

Ensure You Are Using the Right App to Connect

Always make sure you have used the correct Sylvania app to connect the bulb. There are two apps associated with the company; the Sylvania Smart Home App and the Sylvania Smart WiFi app. The latter is the app most compatible with the company’s smart bulbs. If this also doesn’t work, try the last step.

Try Resetting the Bulb

Resetting the bulb is the last step to troubleshoot a connection problem. After trying all the other tips, and none seems to work, this may be your last resort. You can try turning it on and off about five times to reset it. Also, you can unscrew the bulb from its lamp socket and then screw it back in. Then, reconnect the bulb to the WiFi and see if it works.


The above steps will help you troubleshoot a connection problem with your Sylvania smart bulb. If your efforts bear no fruit, try contacting the customer service center for further assistance.

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