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Competitive Pricing: Bottle Labeling Machines

by Oswaldo

Unlike in the older days, a lot has changed in the market sector. The competition is stiff, and it’s getting stiffer by the day. For your product to attract consumers to the stores,it  goes beyond making high-quality products and marketing. Who wants a bad-labeled bottle on the shelf? As a manufacturer, you have to make sure your product is bottled well and neatly labeled. Great bottling customers swarm like bees meaning high profits, and that’s what you are looking for, right?

Best Labeling Machines

Since the establishment of Grepack in 2002, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing the best types of equipment like bottle labeling machines that beat the market with their fair pricing. The manufacturer makes sure they have tested every device to meet the clients’ standards.

They believe in improving quality, and every year there are new products to meet different customer expectations. As a result, the prices are low compared to other competitors.

You can have the best bottle labeling machine from visiting Shanghai packing and get one that fits your factory.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

The product item is BGY-Y200, Its price is between USD6000-USD9000. The deals become juicier because the machine comes with 2 years guarantee and a 1-year free spare part offer. It’s also a CE certified so you are a machine worth every coin you spend on.

If you are looking for a machine to label your round and conical shapes objects, this is best for you. You can label food, medicine, cosmetics cans, barrels bottles, and many more. Also, use it to stick self-adhesives, barcodes, and electronic supervision barcodes.

The machine is substantial stainless steel and aluminum alloy and easy to operate. The labeling spot is accurate, so the work’s outcome will be perfect. Adjusting range is wide when labeling a more oversized product is easy, timesaving making it. Convenient to every user.

Cold Glue Labeling Machine

It’s CG-5100 is a wet glue labeling machine that weighs 550kg with a voltage 380v50HZ. The conveyor belt length is 3metres with a labeling speed of 30-100bottles per minute.

Are you in the liquor canned and condiments industry? Then, this machine is the right one for you to label your products. It’s meant to work on bottleneck or body labeling. It has an electronic eye for automatic labeling. There will be no labeling if there is no bottle, so no wastage.

The machine is accurate and firm when labeling, perfect for small and large companies. In addition, it adopts the transducer speed control and its PLC touch screen control. This stainless and alloy machine will last for a long time without you thinking to purchase another and on this site, it’s cheaper compared to others in the market.

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

model TB D350 has a speed of 21000bottles per hour (500ml bootles) what else could you be looking for if not this? the durability of this machine is what makes it the most sold machine of its kind in all online stores. It works perfectly for PVC, PET, and OPS bottles. check it out for

This machine is waterproof. The device has a single position center pillar, and labeling is accurate and stable. This machine is impressive; it suits different bottles like round, square, flat, and curve. It is best if you have different types of bottles to be labeled. The machine meets the international CE certification gauge. You can also use it for full-body sleeve tamper-evident seal and body sleeve.

The PLC and its touch screen operations allow sleeve applicators to be flexible and efficient. you cannot get such a deal on such a price its high time if you want a machine you consider this

Hot Melt OPP Glue Labeling Machine

It’s an OPP-3P Workable for 40mm- 105mm round bottles and 80mm-350mm height. It labels between 4000-5000 bottles per hour, consuming 8KW. this opp is economical since it uses 1kg of glue for every 100,000 bottles, and it is a firm device weighing 2500kgs

This machine works efficiently on round bottle labeling for small production lines. The OPP machine adopts the German Siemens system and can work for empty bottles. It’s suitable for a round container, metal, plastic, cans, aluminum, glass, and paper.

All the labeling mentioned above machines is best considering they have the best pricing its something you should look into when purchasing the labeling machine. Additionally, maintaining them is cheap, and you don’t need highly skilled personnel to operate. So when you get this, you will be in the best position in saving your resources. Finally, the machine is accurate, so there is no room for error and unclean labels.

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